Blogspot Templates

The template of your Blogspot blog can be very important when it comes to utilizing ad space and making money. The templates that provides doesn't really give you options when it comes to ads and banners. When looking for a successful Blogspot template, you must consider the following.

Enough Ad Space?

If your looking to make money with your blog, then you need a lot of ad space, Google Adsense, Button Ads and Banner Ads all require space on your template. You want to have enough space for ads but not too much where your blog image suffers.

Appealing / Easy to Follow

When visitors first arrive at your blog you want them to feel like they're in the right place. You want your template to feel professional. A visitors first opinion about the blog is very important. Another important issue regarding your blogspot template is how easy it is to navigate. The easier to follow the more time your visitors will spend looking through your blog pages. I recommend putting a categories widget as well as a search bar into your blog template.

There are some great blogspot templates out there. The best thing about them is that they are free. Stay tuned or subscribe for reviews on all the great blogspot templates.


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