5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing your blog can be fairly simple. All you have to do is set up ads right? Wrong, in order to successfully monetize your blog, you must have different types of ads and affiliate programs on your blog and they have to be in a close relationship with your niche. Obviously there are tons of programs that you can use to monetize your blog. Which ones should you use for your blog?

1. Google Adsense - the most popular program out there that bloggers use. You can display ads and get paid every time someone clicks on them.

2. ClickBank - Clickbank is an affiliate program that allows you to advertise Ebooks and other products on your blog. Every time someone buys a product that you're promoting you get a chunk of the money.

3. Private Ads - If you're blog gets a decent amount of traffic than you can sell ad space on your blog. The more traffic your blog gets, the higher the price should be for a spot.

4. Affiliate Programs - Sites that have referral programs are great for blogs. There are many companies out there that pay you every time someone signs up or buys this. Blogging about these sites can be a great way for beginning bloggers to make money.

5. Paid Reviews - There are lots of people out on the web who want their products to have some publicity. Why not offer paid reviews on your blog. You charge a small fee for a complete review of the product / site. You can include links and your perspective on the product. Plus it counts as a post for your blog!

These five programs are fairly easy to use, but can be very fruitful when it comes to make money with your blog. With enough blog traffic, any of these five programs and techniques should work.


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