Comments are a huge part of blogs. They show how popular a blog is and what the readers think about it. A blog with little to now comments makes it seem abandoned. Although commenting on a blog can seem tedious, it can bring your blog traffic.

How to Comment

When you write a comment on someones blog, make it sound legitimate (even if its not). Put some effort into the comment. For example don't just say "nice post". Say something constructive. Praise or criticize the post depending on your liking. Here are some tips to remember when posting comments on other blogs.

1. Make it worth your time. I just talked about this but make the comment stand out.

2. Don't spam. Man do I hate spam comments, and I know you do to. Don't put hundreds of links into your comments. In fact don't put any links in your comment. People will still be able to access your site by clicking on you name.

3. Go out a limb and give constructive criticism. Criticism causes controversy which in turn will make people curious about you.

It is also a good idea to comment on blogs that fall into the same niche as you. This will bring you more targeted traffic over time. Commenting on blogs won't bring in loads of traffic. But if you keep active on very popular blogs you should see an increase in blog traffic.


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