Blogging Pro Template Review

The Blogging Pro Template is a great Blogspot template that has a very professional look to it. Its one of the cleanest looking templates that I have seen for Blogger. There are many options and features that the user has with this template which is why I like it so much.

Key Features

This blog has a number of key features that allow the user to customize it to your liking. For one thing you can customize your top taps. I think its a good thing to have user info like About and Contact Info in places where it is very easy to see. The template also has three built in feeds that you can easily switch.

The Blogging Pro Template has a great footer for a free template. There are three columns that include the categories of Recent Posts, Recent Comments and Recommended Money Makers. You can add links / tweak the footer to your own personal liking.

A live traffic feed is built in to the sidebar of this blog. It shows recent visitors and where they came from. This is a very cool widget to have on your blog.

Monetize Your Blog

Another great thing about the Blogging Pro Template is that it is optimized to for Google Adsense / other advertising. There is room for advertising in the header, footer and even in the sidebar. I really like the space on the header of the template. It really fits in well and looks very nice. If you are looking for a template that is clean and Adsense optimized, then you should check out The Blogging Pro Template from Blogger.


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