Most bloggers are worried about seo for their blogs or what they can do to increase traffic from Google. The thing that they end up forgetting is the content on their blog. Lets face it, if your blog content stinks, so will your blog. Visitors might end up at your blog but they sure won't stay long because your posts stink.

Writing Good Posts

There are a number of tricks that a person can use to make his / her blog posts original and worth reading.

1. Research the topic of post - Researching your topic before you write your post is great way to learn about it as well as forming your own opinions about the topic.

2. Keep it original - don't copy and paste bits from this blog and bits from that blog to form your post. Write down what you think on the subject. Be creative, its your blog.

3. Input lists / numbers into your posts - Putting lists into your blog makes the content easier to read and more towards the point. What I mean by numbers is this... "The top three ways to make money." Adding numbers certainly makes your blog posts more appealing.

4. Not too long - When writing your blog posts, you don't want to ramble on. Keep it to the point so that the reader can learn what he wants and move on.

Your posts matter tremendously to your Blogspot blog. Make sure you take the proper time to prepare for a blog post. A unique blog post can drive traffic from social networking sites and can get indexed by Google because its original.


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