Search engine traffic is great because it sends very targeted visitors to your blog. Visitors that are looking for a particular bit of information. This can lead to more money with Google Adsense or other sale through affiliate marketing. Sites like Google and Yahoo can send you consistent amounts of traffic over a long period of time.

Choose and focus on a few keywords

Keywords are the most important item that gets your blog on Google and other search engines. For example I am targeting the keywords blogger tips, blogspot templates, seo blogspot and other keywords that involves blogs. Where do you implement these; in your post titles and in your content.

Gaining Links

Writing articles, commenting on other blogs and participating on forums can be great way to gain inbound links. Sites that link to your site can increase your page rank and can eventually lead to more search engine traffic. The best way to have sites link back to you is to write good content.

Patience is Key

Receiving search engine traffic doesn't happen overnight. It takes patience and consistent posting to gain traffic from the likes of Google. Most blogs don't get search engine traffic right away which is why lots of bloggers give up on their blogs.

Remember, in order to gain search engine traffic you will need to gain inbound links. Your posts should be focused to certain keywords. Over time your search engine traffic will increase and your blog will become more successful.


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