Guest Posting can be a great way for new blogs to gain traffic and exposure. It drives targeted traffic to your blog and can be great for first time bloggers. Guest posting is becoming more used by successful blogs because their owners need help pumping out daily posts.

What Blog to Guest Post on?

When guest posting you are going to want to target blogs that are in your niche. In other words target blogs that write about the same topic / ideas that you do. This way it will be more likely to get accepted and it will bring more targeted visitors to your blog which is what you want.

How to Write a Guest Post

Writing a guest post is fairly simple as long as you follow these steps.

1. Make sure you write within the guest post guidelines. Many blogs will have these guidelines listed on their blog

2. Include 1-2 links in your post, but don't spam. This makes the post look bad as well as you.

3. Make sure the post is at least 250 words. This ensures that it has quality content and is worth reading.

Remember guest posting is good for both blogs. It helps promote your blog and gives good content to the other blog. Another positive thing about guesting posting is that it will give your blog a link from another blog. Posting on other blogs can be very beneficial.


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