Submitting your blog to Google and Yahoo will help it be indexed quickly. When you submit your blog to the likes of Google, you are telling Google that your blog exists and has content that needs to be crawled. Submitting your blog to different search engines is a great first step to getting your blog out on the world wide web. Search engines will find your blog even if you don't submit it, but it will take more time.

Things to remember before submitting

1. When submitting your blog, you only need to submit the home page of your site. You will not need to include every individual page of your blog.

2. There isn't always guarantee that your blog will appear in a search engine. Search engines all have different standards. However if your blog is clean and has good info, it should get indexed my most search engines.

3. If your blog has been linked by higher blogs, than it might already be on Google / Yahoo. To run a quick check type your blog address into Google. If it shows up it has been indexed and there is no need to submit it.

Top Search Engines

I will list the top search engines because that is where the majority of your search engine traffic will come from.

Remember that this alone won't get you search engine traffic. Stay tuned for tips on how to a high ranking on Google and other major search engines.


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  • Text Link Ads
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