Using StatCounter to Track Traffic

Having a program that tracks your blogs visitors and stats is extremely useful. Almost all successful bloggers have some type of program they use to help keep track of their visitors. StatCounter is a free program that allows its users to easily track what their visitors are doing. Its a great little gadget for any Blogspot blog.

Setting up StatCounter

StatCounter works very well with Blogger. Here are the steps to setting them up on your blog.

1. Make a free account with them. After you do that, go to Add New Project.

2. Fill out your project settings. You will want to block your own ip address and make your stats private.

3. After you click o.k, a blue arrow will pop up and say configure counter, click on it. You will get to choose what kind of counter you want on your blog. I recommend the invisible one since it doesn't show up on your blog.

4. Next it will ask you to choose your blog / web page editor. Choose Blogger / Blogspot (if you use a different editor just follow their directions).

5. StatCounter will give you your code. It also has a step by step process to help you install your code onto blogger. Once you have completed this you are done.

StatCounter Features

StatCounter has a number key features that allow the user to easily keep track of their visitors. Some of the cool statistics that StatCounter has is

  • Keyword Activity
  • Recent Came From
  • Visitor Path
  • Exit Link Activity
  • Download Activity


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